Let’s Change


Early Years

I started treating people when I was about 12. Giving shoulder rubs and massages to pretty much anyone who asked.

Luckily, along the way a few people taught me some things.


I graduated from the SSC Acupuncture Institute, Toronto Canada, in 2009 after completing a 3 year program on TCM based acupuncture.

In 2011 I completed an additional year of training whilst already practising, and then in 2012 I completed a one year study and apprenticeship in Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture with Takamasa Tsurosaki in Toronto, Canada.


In 1997 I completed my first Reiki training following the Western lineage.

In 2002 I earned my Masters certificate in Gendai Reiki Ho, and in 2010 I was granted the title of Shihan in the Komyo Reiki Do lineage.


In addition to these formal trainings I have completed many workshops on Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine including different styles and approaches to acupuncture and healing.


In the past 3 years I have been focusing more of my training on the emotional side of things, following intensive courses in ProcessWork, workshops with Bessel van der Kolk, and more recently the works of Gabor Mate.


All of this study approaches the mental / emotional state with recognition that the body not only plays a role in how we process information, but also in how we store it.

Listening to the body and communicating so that we can both discover information that maybe otherwise inaccessible and further become an opportunity for healing and personal growth.